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Dante Footwear’s has dedicated and designed its entire range to fit a 3/4 foot custom orthotic insert. 

While it is our main aim to offer a stylish and able fitting shoe for those who need orthotics, our range does still fit any one who feels that they would enjoys our range at Dante Footwear. Due to the clever design these shoes will fit anyone.

As our entire range is hand crafted and individually made to order we have to capability of assisting you with most of your special requirements too.

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This is one of Dante Footwear’s many ankle boots that uses a combination of leather and suede. Offering two different heel heights, it caters for all walks of life.







A stylish yet funky sandal design. Our Africa sandal comes in a great variety of colours for this coming summer. They will brighten up and outfit.









This two toned peep toe pump is so versatile you can wear it with any outfit. Made for comfort, but with all classy design you will be ordering a pair in every colour we offer.