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Education and self management and its benefits

At Bounce Back Therapies we believe in whole body healing. The healing process doesn’t stop the moment you leave our clinic, and we are committed to ensuring all our patients have the knowledge and the tools to care for their own health at home.

Physiotherapist Exercising With PatientOur therapists place a high priority on their patient’s ability to support their own health and recovery process – regardless of the therapy; our patients will be provided with as much information as necessary to ensure a full understanding of the healing process is reached. We also provide additional information and exercises where appropriate, which can be used at home.

In addition, if at any time you have questions, our therapists are always happy to make time for a chat.

We find that the best results are achieved when the patient takes an active role in their own recovery process, and we encourage all our patients to get engaged and excited about their health!

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