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Exercise Rehabilitation and its benefits

You may associate the idea of exercise rehabilitation with individuals recovering from a serious injury, but in actuality, exercise rehabilitation can be very beneficial for a number of conditions and complaints.

Patient at the physiotherapyWhether you’re suffering from a knee injury, recovering from general surgery, or dealing with daily back pain, exercise rehabilitation may be able to assist you. By working to build core strength and correct imbalances in the muscle, our therapists can offer a path away from chronic pain and injury.

Rehabilitation through exercise can range from gentle muscle stretches to mobility exercises and muscle or joint strengthening exercises. Your Physiotherapist will assess your specific condition and design a program to get you back on track to a healthy range of movement.

Exercise rehabilitation is suitable for assisting injured employees return to work in a timely and safe manner, and all our therapists at Bounce Back Therapies are approved for WorkCover plans.