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Physiotherapy ….what is it?

Physiotherapy is an effective method of managing pain, promoting healing, and preventing future health issues. Physiotherapists put into practice a whole-body philosophy of healing which may include specific exercises, multiple types of therapy such as massage, and a focus on patient education.

Close-up of a man touching the hips of a woman in a roomWhether your specific concern stems from injury, life-long disability, or sudden illness, physiotherapy is an effective therapy for maintaining and enhancing existing health. Age is never an issue, as physiotherapists are highly trained professionals skilled in assisting people at all stages of life.

Patient education and involvement is key to the successful role physiotherapy plays in the healthy lives of many patients. By ensuring you understand the most effective ways to support your own health outside of clinic hours, our physiotherapists are able to give you confidence in your recovery.

By facilitating healthy recovery, physiotherapists often play a key role in assisting injured employees return to work in a safe and timely manner. All therapists at Bounce Back Therapies are approved for WorkCover plans.